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4 Simple Ways to Go Green on Easter


Hi Emily,

I agree with you that going green on Easter is a small step to make a huge difference on our planet. An Eco-friendly Easter holiday need not have to be crazily expensive and is simpler than what most people think. I wouldn't say these ideas are awesome (you probably already know a few of them) but I assure you, your children will enjoy hours and hours of fun with them.


Eco-Friendly Easter Ideas

1. Homemade Easter Egg Dyes

Commercial dye packs can be expensive and may contain synthetic chemicals and all those nasty stuff you wouldn't want in the house. I highly suggest you make your own natural Easter egg dyes from common food ingredients such as coffee and orange peels. Not only it's a safe and chemical-free alternative to dye Easter eggs naturally without a store-bought kit, you also help reduce packaging waste. Your children will also get to experiment with different materials, and have more fun than simply dropping a coloring tablet in a bowl.


Yellow – saffron, ground turmeric, ground cumin, celery seed, green tea, orange peel, lemon peel, carrot tops.

Orange – yellow onion skins, paprika

Brown – coffee, black tea, black walnut shells

Brown Gold – dill seed

Brown Orange – chili powder

Pink – beets (fresh or canned), cranberries (or cranberry juice), raspberries, red grape juice

Red – red onion skins (use lots), pomegranate juice

Yellow Green – green apple peels

Green – spinach leaves

Blue – blueberries, red cabbage leaves, purple grape juice

Indigo – blueberries

Lavender – red zinger tea, splash or diluted purple grape juice

Purple – red wine


Easter egg dying tips: If you desire more intensely colored eggs, simply soak them longer. Wrap a few rubber bands around the egg to make different banding colors (striped Easter eggs). For glossy eggs, rub on a little vegetable when the eggs are dyed and completely dry.



2. Green Easter Basket Ideas

Another great way to greenify Easter celebration is to make your own Easter baskets out of milk jugs instead of buying plastic baskets from the stores. This very inexpensive craft project is exceedingly simple for kids to make at home.

Grab an empty gallon container, wash and leave to completely dry. Cut out a 5 x 3 inch rectangle out from a piece of paper. With the empty milk jug facing you (the handle away from you). Tape the rectangle onto your milk jug. Follow the shape and carefully cut out to make the opening. Make sure to cover the edges with felt before you give them to your children.

Next, decide on an Easter design for your jug. Get kids to paint the outside pink or white to make a bunny, or yellow for a chick. Using different colors of construction paper, cut out eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Glue on, and attach pipe cleaners to make whiskers.

A nice but not-so-cheap alternative is to buy reusable shopping bag and put all the Easter goodies inside. Google Envirosax; they've a wide selection of kids themed bags that are really cute. These highly functional bags are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.



3. Eco-Friendly Basket Fill

I read somewhere about growing real grass in your Easter basket. You just need a plastic liner in the basket, some soil, and some wheatgrass seeds (rye seeds or wheat seeds). I have not tried growing Easter grass but they grow very quickly and sturdily. You need to plan ahead for this option.

If time is not on your side, consider putting colorful junk mail (or have your children color any paper with green crayons) in the paper shredder to create your own environmentally-friendly "grass". Newspapers, magazines, brochures, and scrap paper works well too.

You can also fill the bottom of your basket with popcorn instead of fake plastic grass. Better yet, make popcorn in your microwave and save some money. Lightly salted or buttered homemade popcorn is a healthier option than candies made with artificial colors and flavorings.

For inside fill, go for items such as organic chocolates, lollipops and candies because the ingredients found in them are grown without pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. While organic sweet treats are slightly more expensive, they're the best bargain for your children’s health and the environment in the long run.

Tip: Fill a real eggshell with organic jelly beans (or any healthy treats such as raisins, or mini pretzels) for the kids to crack open! You can also put a small toy, or a special message inside in place of sweet treats.

Make a hole big (enough for a jelly bean) in the bottom of an uncooked egg, drain out its content.  I suggest you use duck or goose eggs since they're generally larger than chicken eggs. Wash thoroughly and then place the empty shell in simmering water for about 10-15 minutes. Remove and allow to completely dry inside. Stuff in jelly beans and covered the opening with a cute bunny sticker.




4. Environmentally-Friendly Easter Decoration Ideas

One of the best cost-efficient, earth-friendly ways to decorate the home is to have the kids make paper bunny, or chick garlands using recycled paper and some twine. Other recyclable items you can use in Easter craft projects include paper plates, paper bags, toilet paper rolls, CDs, old nylon stockings, etc.

And, if you’ve spring flowers such as tulips or spring blossoms in your yard, snip a few and put them in vases to dress up your Easter table.



By Holly Campbell

It'll be really cool to go green this Easter and make a big contribution to Mother Earth. But, I'm running a bit short on Eco-friendly Easter ideas. Please inspire me with some creative Easter ideas/crafts/tips that's fun and easy for the kids, and save a little money at the same time. Thank you! – Emily, South Dakota.

ways to go green on easter

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