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Skipping into Fitness with Jump Rope



By Peter Reyes

You know that jumping rope or skipping rope is a great cardio workout that burns bucketloads of calories and help you lose weight fast. But, if you haven’t touched a jump rope since grade school, you risk the chance of falling or hurting yourself.


Therefore, you’ll need to be familiar with the proper techniques of jumping rope in order to avoid potential injuries. That way, you get a fabulous fat-burning workout and have oodles of fun while skipping to your heart’s content.


First of all, you want to practice jumping without the actual rope. This will allow you to get the feel of jumping rope without worrying about tripping or hitting yourself with the rope.


Simply jump rhythmically and land on your toes with heels off the ground. Your feet level, and your weight should be distributed equally between both feet. Use your ankles as a spring to bounce up and down.


Next, try jumping with the rope, and with shoes on. You should also jump on an even ground that isn't too hard or too soft (like concrete and carpet) as this may hurt your knees.


Now you’re ready for your jump rope workout. Like any other form of aerobic exercise, make sure you warm up for jump roping. Try walking briskly for a few minutes, stepping in place or bouncing lightly on your feet, and most importantly, start slow.


How to Jump or Skip Rope for Fitness and Lose Weight

Step 1

Stand up straight, grip the handles (one in each hand), and put the rope loop that is hanging down behind your feet.



Step 2

Making sure you grip the handles firmly, start turning your wrists or your elbows in a clockwise direction so that you are throwing the rope over your head from the back to your toes.

Keep your shoulders relaxed at all times. When the rope hits your toes, jump over it so the rope is behind you again. When you hear the rope hit the ground in front of you, jump over it.



Step 3

Continue swinging the jump rope in a smooth movement over your head. Your aim is to swing the jump rope over and over again without stopping, jumping over the rope each time.



When buying a jump rope, pay attention to the length. When you step on the middle of the rope, the end sections of the rope should fit comfortably in your hands and reach the middle of your chest.


As you become accustomed to jumping rope, you can increase the length of time you exercise, the speed at which you jump rope, and incorporate new jumping styles into your routine. So give it a whirl and watch your body fat shrink while skipping rope!



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