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3 Surefire Ways to Get Your Husband to Lose Weight


Hi Pamela,

I understand your concerns about your husband's weight problem, and you are definitely not alone. According to studies published in an article in the Journal of Obesity Research, weight gain after marriage is common among both men and women.

However, if you know the reasons behind your husband's weight gain, you should be better equipped to reverse it. Before we go on, keep in mind that it does not help to scold and nag at your man. He will feel ugly, depressed and unloved, which in turn will lead to more weight gain.


What Can You Do to Make Your Husband Exercise and Lose Weight Fast?

1. Many unmarried men watch their diets and work out regularly to stay in shape simply because they want to look attractive to a potential life partner. However, once they found someone, they no longer feel the need to look their best and let themselves fall off the wagon and ditch healthy lifestyle habits that kept them fit and trim.

Your husband needs to have a real incentive to lose weight and get fitter. You can help him find motivation to exercise when he just does not feel like getting off the couch and move. Tell him how great he looked when you started hanging out together, how important it is to you that he stay healthy and live long enough to see grandchildren and play with them. The main idea is to let that imaginative visualization drive him towards a more active lifestyle.

You can buy new clothes – shirts, pants, jeans – a size smaller for your hubby and use them as weight loss motivational tools to encourage dieting. A subscription on a men's health magazine also works well.

Additionally, you are more likely to see better results if it involves a joint effort. Join a gym together, go for walks, play racquet sports together, or any fun activities that you both enjoy.



2. It sounds bizarre but true, many people eat without being hungry. Quite a number of  men overeat when they are under stress, anxiety, irritation or frustration. Some eat out of boredom while others eat when trying to give up an addiction such as smoking. There are also men who take second and third helpings just to please their women (wife and mother).

If your hubby snacks all day because there is nothing better to do, then find something for him to do. Get him to help out with housework, mow the lawn, pull out weeds from the garden, etc. Most importantly, never reward him with food. Instead, give your man a nice back rub.

If your husband falls under the emotional eating category, you need to talk to him tactfully and address the problem directly. Men usually do not like to talk about their feelings/problems the same the same women do. He could be going through a difficult time at work, facing money worries, or maybe having andropause symptoms like depression and irritability.

For a husband who is trying to quit smoking, you can help by keeping his hands busy with Rubik's cube, or challenge his mind with jigsaw or crossword puzzles. You can also offer your man some crunchy fruits and vegetables to help him stop his unhealthy snacking habits.



3. You love to create new dishes and your hubby loves almost everything that you whip up. So, how can you get him to eat less and avoid overindulgence?

Take a closer look at the ways you cook for your husband. Some foods are less caloric and nutritionally better than others. You want to cook healthier with good wholesome fresh ingredients. Buy healthy, low calorie snacks such as whole grain crackers, microwavable popcorn, or low-fat yogurt, rather than chocolates, ice cream, and cookies.

For example, replace regular white pasta with whole wheat pasta, eat unpolished brown rice instead of white rice, and use multigrain bread rather than white bread. These foods are high in dietary fiber, which will fill up the stomach and hence prevent your husband from snacking on unhealthy sugary and fatty foods such as potato chips and pizzas.

Switch to low fat options like olive oil spread rather than butter, change to low-fat Italian cheeses, such as mozzarella and ricotta, and use tomato-based creamy pasta sauces instead of creamy ones.

Use ground chicken or turkey in place of ground beef and avoid organ meats such as liver. Incorporating more leafy vegetables into your husband's diet, or substituting fish (or beans) for red meat is an excellent way to eat healthy. Better yet, go meatless once a week and see a positive effect on your health.

If possible, cook foods using healthy cooking methods that require little or no oil. Try to steam, grill, bake, broil, poach or microwave food more often. When dining out, look out for words on the menu that scream FAT – fried, deep-fried, battered, sauteed, or smothered.

Before your hubby pop open a can of fizzy drink, offer him V8 vegetable juice, iced green tea, or just water. Keeping him hydrated will distract him from eating second helpings and will fill him up after he had his first portion of food.

You can also try to downsize dinner portions to help your man avoid overeating. Use smaller plates, and remove serving dishes from the table as soon as dinner is over so as to lessen food temptation.






By Diane Hanson

My husband has been skinny most of his life, however after we got married, he has ballooned to nearly twice his size. He knows he's getting fat but doesn't care about how much weight he has gained over the years and I've been trying very hard to get my husband to exercise and lose weight. I wouldn't call him obese although he seriously needs to get rid of his paunch belly and bad eating habits. Could you give me a few pointers on how to deal with this problem? – Pamela, Boston.

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