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10 Unusual Alternative Uses for Baby Oil


Hi Lorraine,

Baby oil is supposedly not good for your skin because it is 100% mineral oil, which is a cheap occlusive agent that creates a barrier between the skin and the air. Some claimed that mineral oil clogs pores, resulting in blemishes and can make dry skin even drier, if you used it for a long time.

Even if you no longer use baby oil as skin moisturizer, there's no reason to toss it in the bin. You can put baby oil to good use around the home. Here are some really good baby oil ideas:


Ways to Use Baby Oil (Mineral Oil)

1. If you want dull-looking stainless steel or chrome smear-free clean and shiny like brand new, grab a polishing cloth and a bottle of baby oil. Dip the cloth in baby oil and buff over the surface of your stainless steel/chrome (faucets, sinks, appliances, cookware, etc) to bring out the shine. Avoid applying too much oil as a sticky residue will attract dust and dirt.


2. Another household cleaning suggestion – after cleaning the glass shower door/wall, simply wipe on a thin coat of baby oil to prevent future build up of soap scum and your shower door/wall stay clean for weeks. Oil deflects water and mineral deposits so no scrubbing in the shower next time!


3. When you rub plastic kids outdoor play equipment – slides, swings, wagons, ride-on toys – with baby oil before you put them in the sun, they're less likely to fade or turn yellow. Same goes for anything plastic that you want to place near a window such as baby high chair.


4. Use a little baby oil to treat stubborn or stuck zippers. It helps them glide up and down more smoothly. The same technique helps lubricate sliding doors, sliding windows, locks, bike chain, and sewing machine. A few drops of baby oil will stop annoying door hinges from squeaking too.


5. If your chain necklaces always seem to tangle up in one way or another, try this neat trick. Your necklace will untangle when you use a straight pin and a dab of baby oil to pull apart the knot.


6. Some people suggest using baby oil to soften and remove ear wax. Dip a Q-tip (cotton bud) in a small amount of baby oil and twirl it gently just inside your ear. Don't push the saturated cotton bud down as it can hurt your eardrum.

You can also swab it in the ears of animals – cats, dogs, rabbits – to treat ear mites.


7. If occasional bloating makes it harder to remove ring from your puffy finger, fret not. Baby oil works like a charm to get stuck ring off fingers easily.


8. Do you want to reuse some glass jars or bottles as storage purposes but have a hard time removing sticky labels or stickers? A little baby oil works wonderfully to take off the gummy residue. Simply fill your bottle with hot water (to soften the glue that is holding on the label), put the cap on and soak it in freshly boiled hot water for an hour. The label will come off easily, wipe the bottle dry and then rub a few drops of baby oil to remove any sticky residue.

Baby oil works for any adhesive residue – bumper stickers, plasters (band-aid), CDs, etc.


9. You can restore and preserve the natural beauty of your wood furniture with a little baby oil. Just mix 1 cup baby oil with a few drops lemon juice in a spray bottle, shake well and spray onto a soft cotton cloth. Polish and buff with gentle circular motion. Great for polishing hardwood floor too.


10. If seeing crayon marks on walls drive you crazy, a bit of baby oil will remove most crayon stains without stressing you out. The oil helps to soften and lift the wax crayon, making it really easy to clean. However, make sure that the paint on your wall is semi-gloss or gloss finish. And, if you're working with wallpapered paper, you want to be sure it's vinyl.



By Louisa Price

I stopped moisturizing my body with Johnson's baby oil after a friend said mineral oil is really bad for skin. I've two full bottles of baby oil sitting on my bathroom counter for months. I was wondering if there are alternative ways to use baby oil, other than being a beauty aid? – Lorraine, Virginia.

alternative uses for baby oil

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