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7 Affordable and Unique Gift Ideas for Valentines Day


By Jill Peterson


Love is in the air – you can feel it coming when gifts of roses, sparkling diamonds and expensive dinners become “de rigueur” of this romantic day as love is widely celebrated. However, not many people can afford to buy lavish gifts in today’s tough economic climate.


If you happen to have champagne taste on a beer buget or perhaps looking for something more meaningful and extra special, then these frugally unique Valentines day ideas are just for you.


They are not meant to be cheap date ideas but rather creative no-money ways to express your deepest love for that special someone.  

1. Write all you ever wanted to say to your lover in a pretty notebook. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write a short love note. Start by telling him or her how you feel and how much you cherish your relationship. Also, share with your darling the reasons you love him or her.


And, if you’re in a long distance relationship where face to face dates are rare, jot down all those love smses you send. She or he can recapture those romantic feelings again when you are hundreds and hundreds of miles away.


If you have trouble expressing yourself through writing, try this. Take photos of places – park, beach, cafe – you have been as a couple, and paste them into a scrapbook as a gift to your sweetheart. Don’t forget to write down your thoughts about them, or maybe also include a love poem.



2. Create your own “love voucher”, and try to be as creative as possible. It can be a chore that you hate simply doing (dishes, laundry, etc), words that you are too shy to express (this can be really useful for women in conservative societies wanting to hear “I love you” from their men), or that much needed quality time together (in my opinion, the cause of breakdown in many relationships).


Whenever these actions are desired, the love vouchers can be redeemed. And for the fun of it, why not include an expiry date?


3. Make a love pledge to love each other unconditionally. Attaching a small meaningful gift would also be perfect for this occasion. Couple keyrings, for example, cost very little but can score pretty high on the “wow factor”. Matching couple pillow cases, or coffee mugs are also lovely as frugal valentines’ gifts even for those on the tightest budgets.


4. Go back to places that hold sweet memories for both of you. It can be where you had your first kiss, where you met, or where you proposed. It doesn’t really matter where you go, the idea here is to relive those beautifully precious moments once again.



5. Make a personalized card for your partner. If you can’t draw, don’t worry too much about it. Just take a favorite photo of you two together, cut and paste on a piece of sturdy construction paper. Embellish with small items such as dried flowers, foliage, or shells.


If you need help on what to write in a love card, consider these – you brighten up my life, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, you claimed a special place in my heart, or you make my life so beautiful.


Alternatively, write a line from his or her favorite romance movie. Better yet, simply list out ten things you like about him or her.


6. Print out a map of the constellations, grab a comfy blanket, pack some handy snacks, and then head out for some stargazing if the weather is good. Or, sit and chat on the beach while the sun sets.


7. Prepare a meal together at home. You might also want to incorporate some special foods – avocado, raspberries, pine nuts, and almonds – into your menu since they are popularly known as aphrodisiacs.


If you can’t cook very well, go to the deli section of your local grocery store and get ready made items that can be reheated in the microwave.


And, if you don’t want to do the dishes later, then order a takeaway and watch a romantic movie afterwards. Put some soft music on in the background, dim the lights and lit a few scented candles to create a truly romantic atmosphere without spending a bomb.


If you’re a little strapped for cash, then I would suggest sharing a sundae while strolling down the street and window shopping.



Whatever your plans are, the best dates are those spent with someone whose company you enjoy, no matter where you are. Remember, money can’t buy a great date. Happy Valentines Day!

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