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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband



By Jill Peterson

You probably think shopping for a Valentine’s day gift for your husband would be easier each year because you know him – his likes and dislikes – really well. However in reality, when you go shopping for your husband, you seem to run out of gift ideas.


And, if you’ve been married for a number of years, it makes shopping even more difficult since you’ve already given all possible gifts to him till date. Read on to find some really useful tips that come in very handy when thinking of what to buy for your husband.


Considering your husband’s interests and hobbies is one surefire way to make Valentine’s day shopping easier. Is there any particular activity that your man enjoy? For example, it may be golf, fishing, running or one of a hundred other things. If your husband is very into golf, consider a set of replacement golf spikes for his golf shoes.


Or if he recently started fishing, how about purchasing items which would make his fishing trip more enjoyable? If your husband is a fitness enthusiast, a fitness pedometer watch to track his mileage and his pace throughout his workout will be an ideal Valentine’s day gift.


Another good tip to keep in mind when it comes to gift shopping for your husband is to repeat gifts you have given him previously. Many people tend to brush off the “giving-the-same-gift” idea as it can be rather boring to receive the same gift more than once. But there is really nothing wrong with that.


This is especially true for items that your man use on a regular basis such as cologne, shaving serum and scented soaps. If you’re thinking about getting a bottle of cologne this year, try to pick out a new fragrance for him that you both like.


Even clothing can be given as repeat gifts. It’s a good idea to give your husband ties, shirts or pants on more than one occasion since men clothing rarely goes out of style and maybe your husband’s taste may change over the years. That Billabong T-shirt that he loved so much last year may not be one of his favorites anymore.


Finally, if you’re still clueless about what to get your husband for Valentine’s day, don’t be afraid to ask him what he wants. Get him to make a list of a few items he wants and work your way from there. This simple step makes the whole shopping process a lot easier and stress-free for you.


Remember, Valentine's day gifts should be an expression of your deepest love for your husband. And sometimes, the most precious gift is not something money can buy. Even homemade Valentine's day gifts can be priceless when made with love.



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