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What to do About Post Pregnancy Hair Loss



By Martha Sanders

Post pregnancy hair loss (Postpartum Hair Loss) is a very common occurrence. Although it can be distressing, there is no need to stress about it since hair loss after pregnancy is a temporary phase. Once your baby is delivered, your hair will grow back slowly and return to its normal condition in no time.

Hair loss after pregnancy occurs when the hormone levels in your body return to normal. Estrogen levels increase during pregnancy. This not only benefit your baby's growth and health, it also protects and strengthens you.

This increased level of estrogen signals the hair follicles for more hair growth, making your hair look healthier and fuller as estrogen extends the growing phase of your hair. But after childbirth, estrogen levels drop and it causes sudden hair loss.  


How to Reduce Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy happens to many women. A first time mother may be worried by the sudden hair loss, because she has not experienced it before. The best thing you can do about post pregnancy hair loss is not panic.

If you panic, it creates a lot of heavy stress on yourself, making the situation longer to reverse. Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss in both men and women so it's wise to keep your cool and realize that your hair will soon recover and be back to normal.


If you really want to do something to help post pregnancy hair loss, you might want to improve it through:


1. Use some hair thickening products.

There are many hair products in the market such as shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products that can make your hair look thick and healthy.

You can also use clips and barrettes to give your new hairdo a pretty look and feel good about it.



2. Cut your hair short for easy management.

Short hair is easy to manage amidst your tight post pregnancy schedules and it won't irritate your baby as well.



3. Take multivitamins and supplements for your hair.

Specific supplements such as Biotin (Vitamin H), Silica, Calcium and Zinc all help with hair growth and strength.

Omegas, found in fish, avocados and nuts or in the dietary supplements fish oil and flaxseed oil, are good for hair growth.



Remember, hair loss after pregnancy is natural and normal. There is really nothing to worry about. Really.


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