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6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Making You Fat



By Diane Hanson

Love makes you feel special but it can also make you fat. If you've always suspected that your new relationship is expanding your waistline, you can now blame your paunch on your boyfriend. Here are a few possible reasons why having a boyfriend makes you gain weight and what you can do about it.


When you're single and looking for love, you probably made an extra effort to look good. You eat a healthy diet and exercise more. You control the amount of bad fats by cooking healthy meals at home for yourself. You also devoted more time and interest in running or going to the gym. But once you finally hook up and fall in love, you miss a workout here, order a greasy takeout there, and before you know it, your pre-boyfriend jeans feels tight.



What You Can Do to Avoid Getting Fat in Your Romantic Relationship


1. Eat a high protein or a high fiber snack such as a small fruit or nonfat yogurt before you dine out. Women often starve themselves all day when they're going out at night. However, it can make you so hungry that you overeat at dinner.

When you're happy just chilling out together, what do you want to do? You order sinfully rich desserts and have that extra glass of wine. The solution is if you want dessert, opt for something like fresh berries or fresh fruit that doesn't have any sweet sauces, and share it with your boyfriend.



2. When your boyfriend suggests a movie date with a washtub of honey-buttered popcorn and a bladderbuster of coke, counter offer with an outdoor hike and a healthy picnic that won't pack on the pounds. Fresh fruits, raw veggies, low fat sandwiches and other low-fat foods are figure-friendly food choices.



3. When a "smaller" you eat as much food as your "bigger" boyfriend, the inevitable result is unwanted weight gain. A lot of guys don't keep a healthy diet; your guy might get away eating Red Lobster lobster pizza and Sierra Nevada Bigfoot but not you.

Eating just salad is no fun so eat only ¾ or even ½ of what he's eating and no more. Don't forget, guys need more calories than women, and they can eat more without getting fat.



4. Your boyfriend can surely tempt you to stray from healthy eating habits. He leaves bags of crunchy chips on the coffee table or take the entire container of ice cream to the couch. You snack along to bond with him.

I know it's not easy to remain strong in the face of temptation and if you mimic his snacking habits, you could end up with extra pounds. I suggest you either serve yourself a small portion of his snack or munch a low-fat alternative.



5. You skip the activities that kept you active when you were single because you want to spend every single moment of the day with him. Make time for physical activities which you can enjoy together.

You can join the same gym and schedule a workout together, go for walks or a bike ride. Exercising together is one of the most motivating tools for weight loss. When people do things together, they're more likely to stick with it.



6. Your boyfriend encourages you to put on weight so that you appear less attractive to other men. That way, he won't need to compete for your affections in the future.

Or, he has a weight problem himself. And, if you're heavy, he won't be forced to deal with it. If you find this happening to you, the ideal solution is to sit down and talk with your boyfriend.



If you want to avoid getting fat in your relationship, be sure to practice these tips, starting from the very first moment you lay eyes on your boyfriend.


why you get fat in a relationship

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